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About Us

ETHRobo is a cohesive team of crypto-activists, united by the idea of creating systems that will allow storing, translating and multiplying crypto tokens using robotic algorithms.

“If we are looking for privacy, we must protect it ourselves. People have been trying to achieve privacy for centuries, using whispers, darkness, envelopes, closed doors and couriers. However, these methods could not provide full privacy, but electronic technology can.”
Eric Hughes

“Just as the technology of printing has changed and reduced the number of medieval guilds and the structure of social power, so cryptographic methods fundamentally change the nature of corporations and the state’s influence on economic transactions.”
Timothy May, The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto

If you buy online something for Bitcoins, you know that it is conditionally anonymous currency. All transactions in bitcoins are public: any user can view incoming and outgoing transactions of any wallet. This is not very convenient if you want to get real anonymity.

Until now, there is no decentralized platform or even something close to it. Most exchanges, Internet markets and wallets services are still fully centralized. And therefore unsafe, because any information can be transferred.

Throughout the world, attempts are being made both to create an indestructible Silk Road and a legal (white) market with decentralized nature. And whoever is the creator of such a market, he will be able to succeed in the next stage of creating a billion-dollar free-trade market.

The ETHRobo platform is designed for several stages of development.

1) Creation of a proprietary, unique robotic platform for effective crypto trading on existing crypto exchanges, accessible and liquid tokens.
2) The formation of a decentralized crypto fund, to finance projects that allow the implementation of completely anonymous, private transactions for a wide range of users around the world.
3) Creation of decentralized, anonymous services - a multi-token wallet with an exchanger and a decentralized stock exchange.
4) Creation of a crypto token for the creation of Artificial Intelligence, to ensure the effective management of cryptotrading robots and free-trade market systems. Exit to ICO.

To the user

Platform offers trust management services. This means that the assets transferred by you to the management will participate in trade transactions on crypto-exchange exchanges, and you will receive a part of the profit.

In addition, you can become a partner of the company, actively promote the ETHRobo platform and our trust management service, receiving additional bonus by bonus program.

The ETHRobo platform offers a transparent structure of cooperation with equal division of profits.

Cooperation with the ETHRobo Platform is a step in your secured future.

Daily accruals from 0.2 to 1.2 %

Affiliate program 5 levels deep from deposits and accruals